To Mum.

I wouldn’t know where I would be

Without my mum right by my side.

I wouldn’t be the man I am

Without her words of wisdom and advice.

I wouldn’t have the love of learning

That I now pass to my son

I wouldn’t find the joy in being

With others and with one.

I wouldn’t have the courage

To face adversity

In each boyhood battle

There we stood

My strong mum and proud me.

My mother had my back

When noone else seemed to care

If I was hurt or lost or lonely

My mum she would be there.

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s hug

When the days are dark and long,

A mother has a subtle way to

Point out when I was wrong.

My compassion and integrity

Are gifts passed down from Ma,

Priceless gifts that stand the test of time,

That will help me go quite far.

Frequently my mum will share

Crude posts and profanity

That others my despair about

But it’s humour, and that’s me.

My mum she taught me to be strong

For others when you feel

Like breaking down and crumbling,

Such strength. A woman of steel.

Life has thrown such shit at mum

That others would have broken

She’s a rock, a trooper,

No other would I have chosen.

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