To Mummy.

Mummy, I must say

These have been the best two years of my life.

You’re a super person,

An awesome mummy, and to Daddy a cracking wife.

I like the cuddles you give me

When I’m feeling sad

I cry to get out of trouble

I quiver my bottom lip

To stop you getting mad.

I like it when you lay with me

To help me go to sleep

Treasured memories

Of precious times

As I get older

I will keep.

Your strength is quite astounding

You keep walking tall and strong

Where others would have given up

You kept moving (even if slowly) along.

I’ll grow some more,

And learn some more,

And keep getting even taller.

But I’ll always be your little boy,

One that makes you even cooler.

So remember when you’re feeling sad

That without you I’d be lost,

You’re the one that keeps me sane,

The sun to melt my frost.

By Felix*

*Well, not really.

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