The Fifth, of the Fourth.

Life is quite exciting,

An adventure set before us.

One not set in stone,

Or guaranteed,

One which can make us nervous.

For centuries the Polynesians sailed the seven seas, without a map, a compass, or an understanding of modern geography.

Inspired by desire, for adventure, or for need, these intrepid travellers discovered more then they would ever need. Through dedication, and team work, and working with what they had. They left a rich, colourful, and vibrant legacy.

You now both begin a journey, your own voyage on unknown seas. In equal measures exciting and frightening, of sadness and joy. A whirlwind adventure for both to enjoy.

Many have set sail on this mysterious quest, some have been successful, but not one couple did it best.

There are guides around you, to help you on your way, to help you understand your vows to love, and cherish, and obey.

But ultimately the journey is between the three of you (I of course include The Dog, and not just you two!), to navigate the vast expanse, the calm and stormy seas, to work in collaboration to define your victory.

To conquer lands unknown to you, and discover wonders new. To face the storms in unison, to understand the environment, and work out what to do.

Don’t take as gospel what works for us, but do seek wisdom and advice. Do what makes you (as a one, a three, or two!) content; be kind, and caring, and nice.

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