Sat still amidst an ocean of fast moving and erratic folk.


Firm rooted and bound by that which many would use to consider you broke.


By ambient noises and crowds upon crowds who wander, and talk, and get unbelievably loud.


And the noises get louder and up they don’t shut, they bark in your ear and try to make you move but you stay put.


The ambient noise becomes increasingly blurred, you call for some help but your silent call can’t be heard. They walk around you and through you, they can’t see you or hear you, their sense of nurture and empathy cannot even be stirred.


Anxiety levels increase second by second, you continue to signal for help by no-one cares (or so you reckon). With no person around to help you at all, you pick at the skin of your fingers (you fool!). You know the solution is only a problem, but this problem is better than the problem you’re facing. So you pick and you pick, and you wince and you whimper, at a thousand miles per hour you appear to be pacing.


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