Hey! How are you?

Stop for a moment, consider you choices.

You could them the truth and render them speechless

Or tell them a lie and say life is all peaches,

If you do the latter than it’s almost quite certain

That they’ll want you around,

Treat you just like a person.

A person for whom no further care is required

A lengthy discussion of thoughts, and feelings, is not what’s desired

They just want you to be

The way they want you to be

So put on a face and


Pretend to be:

Happy and joyous

Without any pretense,

Have no questionable moods,

Stay on the green side of the fence,

Just smile and laugh,

And brush away all the bad,

Because nobody wants to hang

With the melancholic lad.

Hey how are you?

I’m fine I suppose.

Are you sure?

Yup, life’s easier when nobody knows.

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