Just be kind.

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan

We learn an

Important lesson

That compassion for our fellow man

Overrides our


To the laws

Set upon us

By a government or God,

That prescribe a morality

That could potentially be odd,

Where the self is more important

Than the collective noun of we

This is the self preservation society!

Celine, she said (I think!)

Think twice,

Don’t think more than once

At the chance to be quite nice

To help a fellow human

Who is desperate in need

Who calls out for our assistance

Through necessity

Not greed.

Be the person

Whose aversion

Is to: ignorance

And the self

Who cares not for other people

Who cares only for them self!

Be the person

Who takes diversions

To assist the fallen man,

Be not like the Pharisee

Or Sadducee

But indeed be the Good (Ol’) Sam.

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