Mary Berry inspected my sponge, but she wasn’t very keen.

With hesitancy, she criticised the taste and the consistency.

She questioned if I’d weighed and prepped, if I’d followed the instructions.

In her critical delivery, she really was quite mean.

She suggested I go to baking school, and learn once more to bake,

(I’d been to baking school previously, what a ridiculous suggestion to make!)

Over time she’d check on in, well at least will her delegation,

To check the state of my buns, and ensure ample preparation.

Prue Leith, the delegate, tucked right on into my sponge,

(She at least seemed less offended)

I’d weighed the goods, followed the plan,

And did as I intended.

Will Prue be to me as Mary has been in the past?

Will Prue’s perceived positivity be a character trait which lasts?

Tune in next time to the bake off show, and see how it all pans out.

It may be that I’m a shit baker after all, it’ll give Mary something shout about.

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