Lo, I bestowed upon thee a land so fruitful, so fragrant, within which you can be free.

I’ve granted you freedom that no man can conceive, and I’ve authored, created you, in ways you cannot believe.

In my image you were crafted, but through disobedience of my command you’ve shafted, dishonoured, and brought an eternal winter upon the souls of all who follow, and they will know.

It was thee, who disobeyed me. You took what you had and desired to be more free. By taking instructions from he who deceives, by allowing your ego to lead you to the tree

From which you remove a fruit that I forbode, and you took from this fruit a bite that through desire you may know

What I know but you don’t know. You cannot fathom, you cannot begin to understand how things go.

So the next time you sit and insist that it’s me, who created the wreckage around you see. While I created the world in which exists, twas you that is responsible for that and all this.

You cannot blame me because I can do all, yes I could fix it but am I fool? I’d fix and get no remorse from the floor, from a nation of people who once, adored

Me and devoted their life to the cause, of virtue and kindness if only because innately these are within each of us, but you turned on each other; indiscriminate and vicious.

And the demons watch on and they feast on the delicious, platter of ego with side for lust, you dine in the gutter because you’re convinced that you must.

You believe all the lies that devil does spread, you allow psychological manipulation in your head. You craved all the knowledge that I carry with me, but you’re blinded by selfishness and now you don’t see.

Was the quest to digest the fruit in garden at all worth it? Or is this cess pool in which you exist quite deserved?

While you believe I have left, absent and bereft, I’ve remained ever close, held close by the chest. In your heart and around I do live, and the sound that you hear is your conscience my dear.

Do something with the knowledge you got, when they ate from tree that I told them to not.

Published by RTS

Father, husband, teacher. Occasional eccentric.

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