I want to feel included!

Am I alone?

Is it just me?

As we scour the internet for a collective identity.

No, Susan! It isn’t just you, who put her phone on the table and forgot where it was and then proceeded to create a digital to-do.

We all put things down and forget where we put them, but that’s not a qualification of a collective identity function.

No, Derek! It isn’t just you, who can’t stand that certain programme last night on TV. But you take it a bit further and proceed to inform, the world and your follower, of your drawn out critique!

Jeez, Louise! Will you shut the hell up! Nobody cares that you’re a new non-fur mum to a new fur-baby pup! A quick search on the Google will provide all the answers, that you helplessly crave from a pool of odd chancers!

Oh my God! Todd! Yes, it is quite hot. We all saw the news and the weather report which advised of the heatwave THAT YOU CLEARLY FORGOT! But your shrewd observations, Mr Weather Station!, publicly posted alongside PSA & FYI that tells all the people (who already know!) that it’s too hot outside and you just want to die!

And Colin, don’t even begin. You can get just back into the fucking bin.

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