The Troll.

I take a stroll pass the troll who guards the bridge with all his might,

He is quite scary, but today ’twas I that gave the troll a fright.

The troll did ask, with sincerity,

Pray tell, I do wonder what is up with thee?

The troll, soon after, realised he shouldn’t have asked.

I took a perch, upon the bridge, a regaled about my past.

I told him everything that matters,

Took him on a tangent or two,

And upon closing my story –

Because the troll look quite boring –

I asked,

Mate, whatsup w’you?

The most frightening thing,

Is not the scales on his nose,

No the hunch in his back,

Or his twisted, bent toes.

Nor the fact that he eats,

All that tread within feet,

Or that he grumbles, and gristles, and groans.

No, I can say, with confidence and,

That the most frightening thing

Is the baggage of man.

(Backdated for the 4th June 2019)

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