Hello, Goodbye.

*read in a voice of a classic British villain*

I live in the shadows.

I lurk in your dreams.

I’m the one, when you panic, who stifles your screams.

I convince you that nobody cares about you,

And I’m the one that frequently conjures up lies,

And I weave a web of deceit that you can’t escape from,

And I’m the one that whispers to you


I lay dormant for days, months, or years

I occupy prime real estate.

I’m the one that points out your flaws,

Your dark sunken eyes or your grotesque weight.

I’m the one when you’re driving

That pulls down your left hand

So the car starts to veer

And head straight for the bank

I’m the one who makes you afraid of the new

To fear and hate change,

And new people too,

I’m the one that makes you petrified of tight spaces,

Of crowds and loud noises,

And unknown faces.

I’m the one that keeps you awake,

And the one that won’t let you wake up,

I’m the one that, despite your protesting,

Persistent, I’m the one who just will not shut up.

I’m the one that makes you delete your good work,

And the one that causes you and loved ones to hurt,

I’m the one who creates stories a new,

Who am I?

I’m the worst version of you.

*I’m okay.

Published by RTS

Father, husband, teacher. Occasional eccentric.

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