I’m not me,

Well. I’m not the same me now that I was yesterday.

And the me that I am now is an evolved contrast to the me of many years ago.

The way that I feel about the things that I see, or my experience of sensation, are all different – as are the things that I now know.

There isn’t an absolute way of defining the person that stands before you, and the same applies to you.

And by you I mean it collectively; we all exist in a world of change, an ever changing tapestry of human endeavour and history.

But to “me” we’re encouraged to attach, in belief that “we” are a fixed and unchanging identity

Yet the inability to see and process the change around us, and accept it as part of life, perpetuates our experience of misery.

Politics, morality, and the sense of social identity will always change and not stay static;

It’s nothing to be scared about, not a prompt to do something drastic.

This constant change is a fact of life,

A mark of your existence,

A remarkable experience.

Published by RTS

Father, husband, teacher. Occasional eccentric.

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