Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas was built in Oxford, at the most magnificent builder’s yard,

Where for centuries, trains like he, had been produced and travelled afar.

The railways bowed down to these magnificent cars, it was an honour to have them zoom past.

And the world did proclaim, with no reluctance or shame, that ’twas Oxford that produced the best cars!

Now, James worked with Thomas but (if we’re brutally honest), Thomas looked down on James.

The two were identical, from chassis to screws, but Thomas knew they weren’t the same.

On James’ undercarriage, chiselled in steel, was the place of construction and, adjancent, his maker’s name.

Now, for whatever reason, Thomas’ name was gold plated, and gave reason for him to cause shame.

The Fat Controller quite fancied the trains that were fancy and came from historical towns,

Yet James was no different, was equally proficient, but was the subject of FC’s put downs.

The name that was written, in steel had forbidden, James to equal perception.

And James, amongst others (his collegiate brothers), were locked in a cupboard:

“The Fat Controller’s Rejections”

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