This Teacher Runs on Caffeine.

I didn’t work yesterday. This year I’ve had every second Tuesday off. When you miss this one day, it seems you’ve missed a lot.

I came to work, and to my surprise, a gift bag (by my computer) caught my eye.

I hunted for a name tag (in case it was not mine), but I glimpsed a car with my name upon it and therefore in I dived.

There in the bag I saw two jars of flavoured Beanies coffee, and a box in which there was a cup from which I could drink fifty cups, or possibly just three?

I read the card. Carefully. I did not want to misread.

And there within this card was the sweetest sentiment indeed.

I won’t divulge this sentiment, but know I hold it dear.

To know that I have helped a kid, was the best way to end this year.

While it’s true that I do consume more than enough caffeine, it is coffee that keeps me going; it’s not what gives me steam.

It’s you. The kids I stand before, and try my hardest to educate. The kids who make me laugh a lot, and who equally frustrate!

To know that, when you’ve had crappy days or when you’re dealing with so much shit, I’ve helped you get through this supercedes all caffeine hits.

So here’s to you.

The stubborn ones, the crazy ones, the kids who irritate. The students who sit and yearn for knowledge: I cannot overstate.

You’re the reason I persist with the job that I love most.

The ones who keep me going when I want to give up the ghost.

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