I Won’t Come Back.

I’m fine!

I say, pencil in hand, as I draw the line.

I’m okay!

I must have said this at least a hundred times today!

Nothing is wrong!

I scream as I plug myself back into my favourite song.

Leave me alone!

I grit my teeth, and utter the words to voices who have made my head their home.

I. Am. Fine

That’s it! You’ve done it! You now have gone and crossed the line.

And now I am not going to waste any time, drinking the bottle or absorbing each and every line.

I really am fine.

Look at me glow, look how my smile shines!

I skip and dance and hop over the pavement cracks, embracing the high five slaps. A pat on the back, no time to slack, I’m on an adventure (I must go home to pack)…

…from which I may not come back.

*Rewritten from scraps of work I found in an old word document on my external hard drive, written in around 2005ish.

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