Day 04 | #stour #winterwalk #imagination

Ah, Saturday. A lovely day, sandwiched between the last day of the working week and the last day of the weekend.

One of my favourite video clips in the run up to the General Election in 2019, if only for the use of language, is this: SPAFF! The word has found a comfortable home in my vocabulary, particularly to describe the spending of money. Over Christmas, one does SPAFF money all over the place; on presents, festively branded snacks, alcohol, and entertaining the adults and child within our family unit.

There comes a point where one can SPAFF no more, and seeks more wallet friendly endeavours in pursuit of joy. So, SPAFF-free, we three took a stroll along the River Stour near Chartham. It was delightful, and the imagination of The Son was incredible. Matched with his curiosity and wonder at the trees, grass, molehills, I really couldn’t have asked for anything else. Except, as children often do, he did something that was just remarkable; each time he saw a bicycle, or a large group of people, he wouldstand to one side and let them pass, raise a hand to say thank you and good morning. Those for whom he stood to one side reciprocated the politeness, evoking the brightest, and widest smile I’ve ever seen on The Son.

The featured image was taken by The Son; I had to copy the same image I’d just taken of him. Stunning.

Day 04 of the Facebook fast is fine. Again, not having instance access to snippets of information is tedious (for example, we were having a conversation about kids cinema showings at the Curzon. I wasn’t able to quickly pull up their Facebook page, and tag the Wife in the image as I would normally do. Instead, she found it and we had to have a conversation!). Twitter doesn’t really work in the same way. I have jigged around with a LinkedIn profile for professional use.

It’s the last day of the holidays tomorrow. I probably should wash my work clothes…