Day 03 | #grindittilyoufindit #facebookfree #blog

I broke my sewing machine yesterday. I left it alone, in the dark, last night as I grumbled into the front room mimicking the horrific grinding noise I’d just caused within it.

Gears were the problem, and I got to reminisce of my youthful endeavours. That is to say, take a screwdriver and take it all apart! The resolution was very simple, and I soon got to a point where I had a good hour of flawless sewing; I created my wall hanging to insulate the hall way, and also a make-shift laundry bag from old Next sample sheets. Partway through creating the second laundry bag, the needle snapped. I unscrewed the screwed too much, and now I can’t screw the damn thing in again. The internet wizards suggest shaving the end off, and gently easing it into the hole (with a dot of lubrication to help, if necessary).

If you know me well enough, you will know that I’ve just giggled a lot as I wrote the second paragraph.

We saw a pal today, too. ‘Twas nice. A lovely human indeed.

The third day in the Facebook desert hasn’t been too bad; Twitter definitely has superceded Facebook as a procrastination tool, but loses entertainment quite quickly so ‘fixes’ are often, but short. The Wife mentioned things she’d seen, and I’d gone to check myself. Disappointing in realising that I couldn’t, but the FOMO in this instance didn’t last long at all – I had a sewing machine to fix!

Tomorrow is another day.